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Award-Winning CBD Manufacturing - CBD Products Proudly Made in Surrey


Award-Winning CBD Manufacturer

Avida Labs is a leading private label and white label CBD manufacturer offering a full plant-to-product service. Established in 2018, our creations have achieved critical acclaim with the Green Stem CBD product range. The brand won five awards at the inaugural UK Hemp & CBD Show in March 2019 and is now listed in one of the UK’s largest high street pharmacies, and is the number one selling CBD brand on the UK’s leading ecommerce website.

Our experienced team of chemists and flavour experts offer you their creativity, passion, innovation and integrity to bring your vision of unique CBD products to life.


Our Products

We are able to formulate and manufacture fully bespoke topical and ingestible white label and private label CBD products for your brand from plant to product, using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes available.

White Label CBD Oils


Our CBD oils come in bespoke strengths and bottle sizes (10ml – 30ml), using high quality carrier MCT or hemp oils. We can design and formulate the most delicious tasting oils for your brand with our large flavour library and extensive industry knowledge.

White Label CBD Cosmetics


We are able to manufacture a vast range of luxurious cosmetics using cream, balm and oil based formulas. So no matter if you are looking to have the most lavish hand cream, face oil, or a shampoo made – our highly trained experts are able to manufacture these for you.

White Label CBD Vapes


We are also able to manufacture vape liquids in various sizes (10ml – 60ml), with bespoke amounts of active CBD. Your vapes can be formulated with either isolate or broad-spectrum CBD – using an extensive flavour library of over 100 different options to choose from.

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Our Process

As an award-winning manufacturer of CBD products with extensive knowledge of the wellness and cosmetics industries, we are able to turn your ideas into reality both effectively and successfully.


No matter if you know exactly what you want from your products, or whether you need consultancy to get everything right, our highly trained chemists will be able to create the perfect formulation for your CBD products.


Whether you have a brand identity in mind for your new CBD products, or if you would like to build your brand from the ground up: We are able to help you with everything from packaging to the finishing touches of your products.


Once your product is ready to be created, our dedicated and experienced team will take care of manufacturing, packaging & labelling solutions, compliance and even the distribution of your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We can accommodate bespoke sample requests for all products we manufacture, be they CBD oils or cosmetics.

As we don’t want to just send generic pre-made samples of our CBD products, we kindly ask all sample requests to be thoroughly discussed with our experts to ensure that we can send you fully bespoke samples that are the most relevant for your business.

To submit a sample request, please follow this link.

Definitely! We can quickly provide you with indicative pricing based on the quantities and types of products needed, or provide you with a more detailed quote based on specific ingredients if you have an existing formulation, or already know what kind of a CBD product you would like for us to manufacture.

To submit a quotation request, please follow this link.

Of course! We are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facilities, and we operate with full transparency with all of our customers.

We don’t just allow, but encourage all of our customers to come and visit our brand-new production facility in Guildford to see where the magic happens!

We sure can! Our team of experts are able to take care of everything for you from formulation, designing packaging, sourcing raw materials, all the way to the finished product being manufactured, packaged, and shipped to your desired location(s).

So, no matter how little or how much you need help with your project, our experienced team will be able to take care of everything for you!

For brand new customers the minimum order quantity is £10,000 for the first order. This is due to the fact that we take extreme care in formulating and creating your new CBD products, and this takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

Repeat orders do not have an MOQ.

While our ability to manufacture fantastic products is our key strength, by choosing Avida Labs you will also be able to take advantage of our ability to provide you with a full turnkey service and other additional benefits!

As an example, you will benefit greatly from our ability to conduct in-house testing with our HPLC equipment, and therefore you will be able to provide your customers with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each and every batch we produce. This is extremely important and helpful in reassuring your customers about the quality and the potency of your new CBD products.


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